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OASE Carbon Pre-Filter Foam Set of 6 for BioMaster

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  • Carbon Filter Foams remove toxins and odors and improves water clarity
  • Activated Carbon helps to remove cloudy water, harmful metals, odors, tannins or other colors for clear, pure aquarium water
  • As a filter foam replacing activated carbon is much simpler than using common granular forms
  • These are replacement filter foams for the pre-filter of the BioMaster
  • To optimize your aquarium filtration OASE offers additional pre-filter foams (sold separately) to customize the BioMaster pre-filter
  • Timing to replace the pre-filter foam set varies upon aquarium size, number of fish and plants, and declines in filter performance. We recommend replacing the foams incrementally.
  • The carbon filter foams are pre-filter foams for the BioMaster 250, BioMaster Thermo 250, BioMaster 350, BioMaster Thermo 350, BioMaster 600, or BioMaster Thermo 600